Transparency Regulation

ENTSO-E’s Transparency Platform (Art. 3, Regulation 543/2013) centralises data relating to the generation, transportation and consumption of electricity at European level. The data are collected from data providers, including TSOs and other qualified third parties. Depending on the users’ needs, these data can serve various purposes, such as market analysis, research or trading. The Platform is also instrumental for the monitoring and regulation of power markets. Start-ups and new players increasingly use the Platform’s wealth of data for delivering more value to customers, for example through shedding light on life-CO2 emissions by country, wind generation and more.

The Manual of Procedures (MoP) of the Transparency Platform has been updated to version 3.2, incorporating the amendments related to:

Transparency Regulation art. 11.2 (Intraday offered cross-zonal capacity): The platform is ready to receive and publish such data submission. Once data providers finish their local IT implementation, offered capacity could be published accordingly;
EB GL art. 12.3. h & i (Allocation and use of cross-zonal balancing capacity): aggregated reporting of market values, costs and benefits is introduced;
EB GL art. 12.3.d (Information on bid conversion into standard products), 12.3.g (Terms and conditions) & 12.3.j (Approved methodologies): The area concepts for the reporting of the PDF documents are clarified;
EB GL art. 12.3.b (information on all balancing energy bids from its scheduling area or scheduling areas, anonymised where necessary) and 12.3.f (information on offered volumes as well as offered prices of procured balancing capacity, anonymised where necessary): ENTSO-E has implemented these provisions by significantly enhancing the data processing part, enhancing data storage and implementing new functions like data archiving;
Title 11 of the SO GL (Transparency information): information on operational agreements, frequency quality, load–frequency control structure, FCR, frequency restoration reserves, reserve replacements and sharing and exchange.

ENTSO-E also conducted a dedicated two-day training programme for data providers in January 2019.

The Terms and Conditions of the Platform include the list of data provided by TSOs but also by Transmission Capacity Allocators, such as the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), which can be re-used by Transparency Platform users without any restriction. The list was updated in October 2019.

In parallel, ENTSO-E focuses on the evolution of the Platform from a legally mandated application to a market serving tool. In 2019, ENTSO-E completed phase 2 of the redesigning of the Graphical User Interface (GUI); the landing page and load domains along with data items from Proof of Concept are now accessible on the new Transparency Platform.

Key dates & documents

26 Jun 2019

Final upgrade of the MoP V3.2

18 Dec 2019

Entry into force of the MoP V3.2


ENTSO-E Annual Report 2019

This Annual Report covers the period from January to December 2019. It focuses on the legal mandates given to ENTSO-E. Activities covered in this report have been performed thanks to the 42 members of ENTSO-E who provide its financial resources and whose staff provides expertise to the Association.


  1. System Operation
  2. Market
  3. System Development
  4. Transparency Regulation
  5. Research, Development and Innovation
  6. Cybersecurity, Interoperability and Data
  7. TSO–DSO partnership and demand side flexibility
Download the full report (PDF, 4.2 Mb)